Venturi Aeration

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Venturi Aeration

Engineered Systems

The Echostorm units are used in conjunction with Gorman-Rupp pumps for easy access, surface mounted Venturi Aeration Systems.

The Echostorm unit is installed on the discharge pipework of the pump. As flow passes through the internal nozzle, a venturi effect is created which draws in air which then mixes with the pumped liquid to load it with oxygen before it is returned to the pond / lagoon it has been extracted from.

Venturi Aeration



2”, 3”, 4”, 6”

Max capacity

pumped flow 395m3/hr, max oxygen 389 kg / day

Max head

2.07 bar

Max solids



Aluminium alloy body and spool, Urethane nozzle, PVC liner

Venturi Aeration

Typical Applications

Lagoon / storage pond aeration

Odour control

Effluent aeration / polishing

Algae control

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Venturi Aeration

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