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At Hydromarque, we believe ownership of a pump is an investment. You’ve invested in a new high-quality system, so it’s only right that you receive top-quality pump training and support. Read on to find out more about the pump training and support services we offer with every purchase.


As part of our aftersales service, we offer in-depth training that gives you everything you need to know about how to operate your pumping system. We can do this either at the customer’s site or at our own premises where we can offer more in terms of demonstrations on our pump rig and in our workshop. We have given hundreds of engineers our pump maintenance training course at our in-house facilities, and the feedback has been excellent. See for yourself in the comments section below.

In addition, we can also offer training for maintenance engineers and design engineers. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this.

Hydromarque Training Staff

“Excellent training, fully enjoyed my day.”

Paul, Engineering Team Leader – Potato Processing Company

“Very good course, well organised and informative provided by friendly staff.”

Dan, M & E Engineer – Anglian Water Services

Technical Support

Purchase a pump from Hydromarque and we will guarantee you will receive exceptional technical support to enable you to get your best return on your investment. Between the team at Hydromarque, we have over a century of technical experience with Gorman-Rupp and Cornell pumps. That is a wealth of experience unrivalled this side of the Atlantic.

The support process starts with understanding your application needs correctly and then selecting the best pump for the job. Unless we are 100% confident our pump will do your job well, we won't supply it. That’s where it starts and it continues to be fully supported during the pump’s lifetime.

Hydromarque commissioning pumps

Technical Services We Offer

Application survey

We will visit site to gather your application information and fully understand your requirements. This enables us to make the best pump selection. We don’t like to just select on a given duty point or match somebody else’s performance curve, we like to see the application for ourselves.

Pumpset selection

By fully understanding your application we can make the best pump selection.

Pumpset drawings

For most of our equipment we can supply .dwg format drawings and in some cases 3D models for you to incorporate into your new scheme design proposals.


We offer a commissioning service which in most cases is offered free of charge. At this point we can check your pump is running correctly and also familiarise you with your new asset, it is often used a training session for our customers.


Throughout the life of the pump, should you experience any concerns or issues we are there to help and in most cases will visit site to fully understand these and help you resolve them.

Installation advice

We give you guidelines on how best to install the pump, this is very important.

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