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Diaphragm Pumps

Hydromarque’s diaphragm pumps are ideal for construction applications because of their strong ability to handle a wide variety of fluids, including corrosive and hazardous fluids that may need pumping.

A diaphragm pump is a powerful type of pump used in many construction applications to pump slurries and sandy water, in applications such as well pointing, small excavation drainage and cofferdam watering. The pump works almost like a heart with a pumping action from a rubber, thermoplastic or Teflon chamber that flexes to move the fluid inside it.

The Gorman-Rupp AMT is an incredibly durable diaphragm pump that can withstand harsh operating conditions and the thickest of fluids. Using the Ohio pumpmaker’s bleeding-edge engineering, this diaphragm pump has an unbeatably high-performance flow rate and can handle the most abrasive, viscous and shear-sensitive fluids. The modular, 90-degree-rotatable design of the AMT diaphragm pump permits easy maintenance and cleaning, while the sand-cast aluminium construction enhances its portability and durability.

Our diaphragm pumps are all self-priming to help the pump operate to the best of its ability. Simply switch to the alternate mode which primes the walls of the chamber with fluid, eliminating the necessary but time-consuming task of manually priming the diaphragm pump. They are available in three different drivers: petrol, diesel or electric motor. Within the electric motor, there are two secondary options to choose from; single or three-phase.

Feel free to peruse our selection of diaphragm pumps, each offering an in-depth technical breakdown to enhance your understanding of the product. Hydromarque is a centre of excellence for industrial pump supply and maintenance in the UK, consistently elevated by our unrivalled dedication to customer service. With a formidable team of seasoned engineers and technicians, we not only provide a product but also a completely bespoke solution that gives you a more efficient, reliable system tailored to your unique needs. Speak to us today to experience first-hand what the leading team of pumping solutions in the UK can accomplish for you.

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