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Wallwin Pumps

In April 2005 Gorman-Rupp acquired the Wallwin Pump range from Gilbert Gilkes and Gordon.

As the UK & Eire Agents for Gorman-Rupp, we became the exclusive worldwide supplier of the range of products previously known as Wallwin Pumps.

Wallwin Pumps has been a prominent and reputable name in the industry since the early 1900’s, with 10,000’s of pumps being sold to Water Companies, Local Councils and wastewater/sewage applications throughout the world.

The early models were mainly conventional dry well configurations; however, in the late 60’s Wallwin Robot submersible pumps were sold to meet changing market demands. Between 1982 and 1998 the complete product line was owned by Biwater Pumps, at which time the fully submersible pump was developed.

Full support (including replacement pumps, spare parts supply and servicing) will continue for past generations and most models of Wallwin Pumps, Wallwin Robot Pumps, Biwater Pumps and Gilkes (Wallwin) Pumps.

The most recent generation of Wallwin Submersible Pumps (dry and wet well arrangements) is now known as the Gorman-Rupp JW Series. It is intended that these already outstanding, robust pumps will be further developed by Gorman-Rupp using their ‘state of the art’ innovation to produce yet another world leading product.

Take a look at the most popular Wallwin pumps we sell and if there is a product that you want that isn’t listed please get in touch with us.

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