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Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Pumping solutions engineered to bring unrivalled performance and flexibility, Hydromarque's line of self-priming centrifugal pumps from Gorman-Rupp is second to none. Our self-priming pumps are designed to effortlessly handle liquids of all states and prime themselves, eliminating the hassle of manual priming. Using Gorman-Rupp’s cutting-edge technology and admirable build quality, our self-priming pumps provide reliable and efficient water transfer in a wide range of applications. Whether you require a pump for residential, commercial, or industrial use, Hydromarque has the perfect solution. It’s easy to trust our self-priming water pumps to deliver exceptional performance, robustness, and ease of use.

Our self-priming pump range includes Gorman-Rupp’s highly sought-after Super T Series, whose world-beating construction is robust, reliable and straightforward enough to handle solid-containing wastewater and sludge effortlessly, achieving suction lifts of up to 7.5m. Elsewhere, Gorman-Rupp’s Super U-Series and Ultra-V Series are among the market’s most efficient solids-handling, slurry and wastewater pumps available thanks to their unique hydraulic design. The Gorman-Rupp O-Series is the pick of the bunch for those seeking a device that can handle sewage washwater, fuel transfer, construction jetting, and cooling water with seamless fluidity.

Browse the rest of the self-priming pump collection and click on any pump for more information. Hydromarque is the UK’s most trusted destination for top-class industrial pump purchasing and servicing, and that’s backed by our exceptional customer support. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians will work with you to design and install a tailored pump system that extracts the best possible efficiency and reliability while adhering to your specific requirements. If you are looking for new pumping solutions for your industry or application, contact us to find out what the UK’s best pumping solutions team can do for you.

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