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Gorman-Rupp Roto-Prime Pumps


Automatic and Positive Centrifugal Pumping

The Gorman-Rupp Roto-Prime is a self-priming centrifugal pump built to handle solids and slurries with ease. For applications such as wastewater treatment plants, mining operations, and construction sites where a high-efficiency, non-clogging pump is pivotal, this pump carries innovative design features that put it ahead of the competition.

Above all, the key advantage of the Roto-Prime Pump is its ability to automatically control air intake and prime itself. Whenever air or vapour is present at the start of the pumping operation - or when there is a loss of suction because of air or vapour during pumping - the priming pump automatically moves air and vapour from the suction line to the discharge line.

GR rotoprime

Once the flowing liquid from the centrifugal portion of the pump builds up sufficient pressure in the discharge system, this pressure backs up through a tube to act on the bottom of the priming pump's moveable slide block, placing it in a neutral position. Under these conditions, the priming pump no longer evacuates air but merely circulates a small amount of liquid.

This centrifugal pump is also designed with simple maintenance in mind, with a removable cover plate and cartridge-type mechanical seal.

Gorman Rupp Roto-Prime pumps typical applications

Gorman Rupp Roto-Prime pumps benefits

Full priming

Full Priming
With air or vapor in the lines, pressure of the spring on top of the movable slide holds the priming pump in full pumping position.

Partial priming

Partial Priming
As the pump evacuates air and vapor from the lines, liquid pressure builds up on the underside of this slide, moving it upward toward neutral.

Neutral priming

When air and vapor are removed, liquid pressure equalizes spring pressure and the pump automatically slides into neutral... where it remains until air and vapor again appear in the system.

How it works

Performance Range

Rotoprime performance range
Rotoprime performance range



3", 6"

Max Capacity

1460 GPM (92.1 lps)

Max Head

390’ (118.9 m)

Max Operating Speed

RS Series (single volute) 1750 rpm, RD Series (double volute) 3450 rpm


Aluminum Impeller, Ductile Iron or Cast Steel Housing, Steel or Stainless Steel Shaft, Fluorocarbon Mechanical Shaft Seal*

GR rotoprime cutout


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