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Fuel transfer

Fuel transfer Pumps

We can offer pumps for fuel transfer (for diesel and aircraft fuels)

Most of our applications are for vehicle (refueller tanker) mounted pumps driven by either the truck PTO (Power Take Off) or via a hydraulic motor / hydraulic power pack system mounted on the vehicle. These are mostly used at airports across the world and for the UK Military. The range of pumps we use for these truck mounted applications are the Gorman-Rupp O series.

For static applications we can offer another style of O series pump which does not have a gearbox (unlike the vehicle mounted ones). Our 80 series pumps can also be used for fuel transfer. However a great product we can offer is the Gorman-Rupp Rotoprime series, these use a unique ‘sliding vane’ priming mechanism which evacuates air very quickly and positively.

Fuel transfer typical applications

Fuel transfer pumps

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