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Sewage and sewage treatment

Sewage and sewage treatment Pumps

Domestic sewage and sewage treatment requires a range of pumps through the process of collection to final effluent discharge.

Many processes generate wastewater, the most common being sanitation from domestic foul sewerage systems which are dealt with by your local water company. Your water companies also handle industrial wastewater (known as trade effluent).

Wastewater only remains as that state until it is processed (removing unwanted polluting impurities) to a standard suitable to be discharged back into the natural water system (rivers or sea), this is why it is now known as ‘water recycling’.

With water utility companies our Gorman-Rupp Super T Series pumps are commonly used for not only handling unscreened sewage at in-line or terminal pumping stations, but also on the sewage works (now referred to as Water Recycling Centres) right through many applications such as grit removal, primary sludge removal (primary de-sludging), humus sludge removal (humus de-sludging), primary and humus sludge transfer, tanker off-load, sludge centrifuge feed, venturi aeration, storm water transfer and effluent tertiary treatments such as HSAF feed, phosphate removal, reed bed feed, sand filter etc.

Sewage and sewage treatment typical applications

Sewage and sewage treatment products

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