Construction Pumps

Engine driven pumps for a wide range of applications

We can offer a wide range of engine- or electric driven pumps for use in the construction industry. The Gorman-Rupp S-Line is a series of mobile self priming centrifugal pump for applications like general dewatering, sewage systems bypass, drilling fluid transfer, horizontal drainage and mining applications.

The 80 series contractor pumps are also available with either a diesel- or electric engine and are the workhorse of the sector. They are used for general dewatering and typical applications where high pressure is needed like cleaning and jetting.

We also offer a several portable contractors pumps (both self priming centrifugal and diaphragm type). The 2” and 3” engine driven diaphragm type are capable of dry running, ideal for keeping small excavations dry, for example in the use of water pipe leakage investigation

Portable Pump unit

Construction pumps

Construction typical applications

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