Engineered Systems

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Engineered Systems

If you need a ‘plug and play’ (engineered package) then we can offer a Reliasource system.

This comprises the pumps, controls, kiosk and pipework / fittings within the kiosk. Options are available for different styles of kiosk and if the customer would like to supply their own controls or have the system without a kiosk to install in their own building, that’s also not a problem. With this system all you need is the sump and a concrete slab casting at the side of it, simply lift the Reliasource system in place, install the suction lines and level controls into the sump, connect the discharge line, hook up the mains electrical supply and away you go!

Engineered System

Another option which can be used in conjunction with the Reliasource is the SCS (Self Cleaning Sump System). This is a unique sump design which as the name suggests is designed to eliminate both floating and settling solids accumulating to a level where a conventional sump would need to be cleaned out. This massively reduces maintenance intervention costs in terms of cleaning out the sumps (usually with tankers). At the heart of the SCS system is a 1.2m diameter, 30 degree sloped collector arrangement which can very between 1.5m to 3.0m in length.



2”, 3”, 4”, 6” pumps in 200 x 120 or 200 x 200 enclosures

Max capacity


Max head


Max solids

3” sphere


Cast iron, stainless steel / stainless steel fitted, hard iron pumps, stainless steel pipework

Engineered System

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Engineered Systems

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