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Our pumps can handle primary sludge of up to 4% on suction lifts and up to 7% on flooded suction.

Wastewater treatment is a multi-stage process, and at the heart of this intricacy lies the efficient management and transfer of sludge. Primary sludge, derived from the preliminary stages of wastewater treatment, requires specialised equipment and pumps for industrial sludge transfer due to its unique composition and characteristics. Our Primary Sludge Transfer Pump provides an exceptional solution tailored to address these specific needs.

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The Primary Sludge Pump is an innovative piece of engineering, meticulously designed for the efficient movement of primary sludge from settling tanks. As wastewater undergoes primary treatment, solid particles settle, forming primary sludge, which then needs to be transferred for further treatment. Our range of pumps ensures that this transfer is not just effective but also reliable, sustainable, and efficient.

They are also designed to defeat a number of challenges associated with primary sludge transfer, including thick sludge that is difficult to pump, hazardous materials with harmful bacteria and viruses, and odorous smells that can create a nuisance.

Our pumps can handle primary sludge of up to 4% on suction lifts and up to 7% on flooded suction. For applications above 4% we recommend on-site trials. Primary sludge can contain significant raggy solids and so we usually recommend the Gorman-Rupp Super T series Eradicator.

They are also built with their industrial uses in mind, such as:

  1. Precision Engineering: Built to handle the dense, viscous nature of primary sludge, this pump boasts a powerful mechanism capable of generating consistent flow rates.

  2. Robust Build: The pump is fabricated from premium-grade materials, ensuring resistance against corrosion and longevity, given the abrasive nature of sludge.

  3. Energy-Efficient Operation: Advanced hydraulic design aids in maximised flow with minimised energy consumption, thus reducing operational costs.

  4. Safe Handling: Equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, the pump guarantees safe transfer of sludge, with provisions to prevent leakages and overflows.

  5. Adaptable Mechanism: Understanding that different wastewater plants have varied requirements, our pump offers customisable flow rates and operational pressures.

  6. Low Maintenance: Modular components and a user-friendly design mean less downtime. Additionally, wear and tear are reduced, thanks to self-lubricating parts and advanced sealing technology.

  7. Environmental Commitment: Efficient transfer reduces the chances of environmental contamination, supporting a greener and more sustainable wastewater management approach.

Our primary sludge pumps are used in a variety of wastewater treatment plants, including municipal, industrial, and agricultural plants. They are also used in sludge processing facilities, where the sludge is further treated and disposed of.

We would be proud to discuss any primary sludge transfer needs you may have, and how we can solve any issues you may be experiencing. Our expert team of engineers can create and tailor solutions unique to your industrial needs. So, don't hesitate to browse our exceptional collection and speak to us today. See firsthand how our engineering solutions can reinvigorate your industrial pumping system to new heights of productivity.

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