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The Gorman Rupp Vacuum Assist Pump is the most effective solution for all your sewage, water and other pumping needs. This powerful pump is designed to handle the toughest sewage pumping applications with ease and efficiency.

Featuring a robust construction with high-quality materials, the Gorman Rupp Vacuum Assist Pump is built to last and perform under the most demanding conditions.

Vacuum Assist

The Prime Aire system uses a venturi and compressor setup that eliminates the leaks associated with traditional vacuum-assisted pumps. Plus, this unique system reduces environmental concerns on sewage bypass operations and other hazardous liquids, as well as enables the pumps to operate under flooded suction conditions without leaking.

The positive priming of the Prime Aire is well suited for applications involving long suction lines, intermittent flows or large volumes of air in the liquid being pumped.

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Gorman Rupp Vacuum assist pump benefits

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Dry Run Capability

This is designed into the Gorman-Rupp priming-assisted system. An oversized, oil-lubricated mechanical seal allows the pump to run dry continuously without damage. For positive, reliable priming time after time, Gorman-Rupp Prime Aire® and Prime Aire Plus® pumps are the ones you can count on.

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Compressor Over Pump Arrangement

Several popular Prime Aire and Prime Aire Plus models are available in a “Compressor-Over-Pump” arrangement. This innovative configuration option offers a self-contained, compact, flexible design while allowing ease of operation and servicing when needed.

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Impeller Selection

Priming-assisted pump models are available with a variety of impeller types depending on your specific application. Many pumps feature rugged open-type, two-vane ductile iron impellers that are specifically designed to handle solids and debris up to 3" (76.2 mm) in diameter, meaning fewer clogs and more productivity on tough jobs.

Elsewhere, for clean water pumping applications, pumps are available with high-efficiency enclosed impellers. Finally, the PAV3B60 model features our patent-pending Staggerwing® impeller, which enables higher pump efficiency and the ability to pass a 3" spherical solid.

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Auto-Start Controls

Auto-start controls automate the pump’s operation in response to liquid levels. The pump starts only when there is water to pump and turns itself off when the water reaches the desired level, so there is never any need to waste fuel and add to costly engine overhauls.

Performance Range

PAH Curves



3", 4", 6", 10"

Max Capacity

398 l/sec

Max Head


Max Solids



Cast Iron


2 years

Vacuum Assist cut out

Vacuum assist pumps

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