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Hydromarque was approached by Anglian Water’s Benhall STW branch with an issue with some of their pumps. Benhall STW told us that they had 2 Archimedean screw pumps installed at the main inlet that have been causing them many issues, especially with lower-bearing failures.

Anglian Waters' temporary solution was to hire a diesel-driven surface-mounted pump, which was coupled to the Bauer connection and discharged through temporary pipework to the top of the screw pump. Additional pump capacity was provided by “hanging” a submersible pump in the lower part of the screw pump wet well via a davit. We set out on turning this temporary fix into a permanent one.

Option Discussions

Hydromarque were asked to attend the Benhall STW site to look at an alternative option of using the Gorman-Rupp Super T Series either as a permanent or temporary solution. This pump is self-priming, suction lifts up to 7.5m and handles solids with ease. An effective pumping solution and one that the treatment manager for Benhall STW had used at many sites in the past with great success. Alternative solutions were drafted including continuing with the current set-up and paying hire charges or removing and replacing the bearings on the existing Archimedean screw, which would cost an estimated £150k/pump.


Anglian Water agreed for Hydromarque to install 1No. 6” Gorman-Rupp Super T Series pump (priced at approx. £9k/set) rated at 60 l/sec to assist the diesel-driven set. The Super T Series has one of the most substantial constructions in its class as well as proven reliability and a flexible modular setup that allows for individual parts to be taken out without disturbing the mechanism. We knew it would shine at the Benhall STW, and after it was trialled for 1 month in July 2014, it proved successful.

Following the successful trial of the first pump, a further set was purchased and all temporary pumps and pipework were removed.

In 2015, Gorman-Rupp launched their new “Eradicator” solids management system for heavy rag applications and both pumps were converted to this system.

Following the project's success, in 2015 Anglian Water decided to replace one of the pumps on the high-level inlet pump station, again to bypass the troublesome Archimedean screw pump.

As of October 2021, all pumps are still in and running trouble-free.

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