What Pumps Are Used in the Chip Production Process?

First things first: when we talk about chip production, we're not referring to the silicon variety found in computers and smartphones, but rather the delectable potato chips that many of us enjoy as a snack. When it comes to the production of chips, the right equipment is essential for ensuring a smooth process and quality production. A crucial component in this production process is the use of specialised pumps, which play a vital role at various stages.

In this article, we will go through each part of the process and detail which pumps are suitable for them. You’ll come away from this blog with the knowledge you need to create an efficient pipeline to creating quality chips.

Chip Transfer

One of the first stages in chip production is transferring the raw product, such as whole peeled potatoes, to different processing areas. Here, Cornell Hydro Transportation pumps excel. This method involves transferring the product in water, effectively sending whole peeled potatoes through cutter guns. What makes Cornell’s pumps particularly suitable for this task is their innovative single-port impeller configuration with a unique offset volute. This design allows for the gentle handling of delicate food products, ensuring they reach the next stage of production without damage.

Pre-Heating and Frying

The next stage often involves blanching, pre-heating, and partially frying the chips. This step is crucial as it determines the texture and flavour of the final product. Hot Oil pumps are the equipment of choice for handling hot oils used in the fry-cooking of potatoes and other food products. These pumps are designed to withstand high temperatures and are fitted with vapour suppression lines, which is critical for how it bypasses any water vapour around the pump, which could otherwise affect pump performance and the quality of the chip.


After the initial cooking stages, refrigeration pumps come into play. These are incredibly versatile and are used predominantly in food processing plants for tasks including cold storage, refrigeration, ice production, and turbine inlet cooling. Their function is to compress low-pressure and low-temperature refrigeration liquid into high-pressure, high-temperature gas, keeping chips cool and ready for final frying at a restaurant or packaging facility.

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