Tanker off-load

Tanker off-load Pumps

At some of our larger sites, the process of managing wastewater involves the importation of sludge from smaller treatment works using tankers. This sludge can vary in composition and consistency, sometimes containing raggy or fibrous materials that can pose challenges during off-loading. To address these challenges effectively, we rely on our reliable and robust Gorman-Rupp Super T Series pumps.

To further enhance the pump's effectiveness, we recommend the Eradicator option on the T Series Pumps. The Eradicator is an innovative feature designed to tackle the presence of raggy materials. It consists of a unique and efficient cutting system that can effectively shred and macerate any solid or fibrous content in the sludge, preventing clogs and blockages that might otherwise disrupt the off-loading process.

This combination of robust pumping technology and innovative solutions underscores our commitment to reliable and effective wastewater management.

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