Storm Water Return

Storm Water Return Pumps

When a flood strikes, you need a reliable storm water pump to kick into gear immediately and swiftly mitigate the potential damage. Whether you’re in an area that is susceptible to flooding or becoming increasingly concerned with the rising frequency of storms in the UK, having a quality flood pump from Hydromarque will calm any worries safe in the knowledge that you have a powerful system ready to start acting quickly.

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Pumps For Your Application

Hydromarque’s lineup of high-efficiency storm water pumps is ideal for areas where gravity flow is not working in your favour. The incredible power of the pumps will collect the storm water before it spreads and disrupts or damages other systems.

You won’t need to rush to start the pump in time, either - all Hydromarque flood pumps have an automatic activation process. This works by sensing the level of liquid inside the chamber, and once it rises above a dangerous level, the pump will kick into gear and pump away fluids against the force of gravity. This process is an excellent safeguard that will protect your pump system and wider premises.

Within our range, the most popular choice for storm water pumping is the Gorman-Rupp Super T Series with Eradicator. Though usually used in raw sewage applications, the Eradicator system helps break up materials efficiently and push them through the pump without impacting performance or reliability.

Hydromarque’s storm water pump supply and maintenance is unparalleled in the UK, so browse our selection to find out more about how it could support your pump system.

Our accomplished team of experienced engineers and technicians is dedicated to delivering not just a product, but a fully customised solution. This approach ensures a more efficient and reliable system specifically designed to cater to your unique requirements. Speak to us today and learn what the leading team of flood-pumping solutions in the UK can do for you.

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