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Cofferdam dewatering Pumps

For below-ground construction near waterways, cofferdams need to be created to enact below-ground construction near waterways. Behind these dams, the ground needs to be kept relatively dry, which requires an incredibly powerful pumping system to part natural water. At Hydromarque, we offer engine-driven pumps such as the Gorman-Rupp S-Line to excel at this application.

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High Flow Rate Solutions for Construction and Engineering

Cofferdam dewatering pumps are a type of specialised pump used in construction and civil engineering projects to create a safe and dry workspace for various construction or repair activities. These below-ground construction pumps remove water from cofferdams or other barriers typically built to obstruct a body of water, and as such require a high flow rate.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Dewatering Needs

Hydromarque answers this call with powerful and dependable cofferdam dewatering pumps. The Gorman-Rupp AMT Diaphragm pump has a flow rate of 275 gallons per minute. Meanwhile, the Gorman-Rupp S-Line series of Engine-Driven pumps have a maximum flow rate of over 3300 gallons per minute, and are available at Hydromarque in both wet prime and dry prime variants, so you can have the specialised equipment whether you need pumps for drainage, well-pointing or high-capacity suction lines and dry running.

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Browse Hydromarque’s cofferdam dewatering pump collection today to learn more about Hydromarque’s superb supply and maintenance service. We are a centre of excellence in the UK for industrial pumps for construction applications, which is largely thanks to our accomplished team of experienced engineers and technicians dedicated to delivering not just a product, but an all-encompassing bespoke solution. Speak to us today to experience first-hand what the leading team for below-ground construction pump solutions in the UK can do for you.

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