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Refrigeration Pumps

Hydromarque's collection of refrigeration pumps is acclaimed for its robust performance, and has a superb track record in cold storage, food processing, refrigeration, ice production, and turbine inlet cooling. Synonymous with innovation and reliability, our refrigeration pumps have been the heartbeat of numerous applications in a wide range of food processing plants. Imagine what its reliable power could do for yours.

In the bustling world of food processing, our refrigeration pumps show their versatility, handling everything from abattoir and potato chips to dairy, processed foods, fruit, vegetable, and snack food pumping. These pumps demonstrate the perfect balance between strength and delicacy required to handle the rigours of food processing.

Cornell has been a pioneer in the field of hot oil, refrigeration, and hydro transportation pumps for nearly 80 years, and the Cornell Refrigeration pump is renowned for its efficiency and longevity in the demanding environment of food processing.

Every model comes with an industry-leading three-year warranty, a testament to the quality and durability that defines Cornell and Hydromarque. But what sets our Cornell Refrigeration Pump apart is the cutting-edge, refrigerant emission-free sealing technology, designed to dramatically reduce environmental impact without sacrificing optimal performance.

If you're seeking the leading team of hydro transportation pumping solutions in the UK, look no further. Hydromarque stands as a centre of excellence in the UK for industrial pumps, which is largely thanks to our accomplished team of experienced engineers and technicians dedicated to delivering not just a product, but an all-encompassing bespoke solution. So, don't hesitate to browse their exceptional collection and speak to us today. See firsthand how their hydro transportation pumps can reinvigorate your pumping system to new heights of productivity.

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