Renewable Energy Scheme - AMIDS Scotland

Hydromarque was approached by FES Group to help assist in supplying self-priming technology to pump final effluent for a district heating network at the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS).

This state-of-the-art, low carbon heating network supplies heat and hot water, 90% greener than a gas boiler, to facilities at Scotland's home for manufacturing innovation. The network provides a cost-effective route to low carbon heating and funds its own running and maintenance costs.

How it works

Treated water, previously flowing into the White Cart river, is directed into the new energy centre at the Scottish Water Laighpark site in Paisley. Ambient heat is extracted from the treated water, passed through the heat exchanger and then channelled through a loop of 3.7kilometres underground pipes into the nearby AMIDS district. Heat pumps at each building then upgrade this heat to suitable levels for heating and hot water.

Optional Discussions

Hydromarque were tasked to supply three pumps, each with individual suction and discharge lines, feeding a heat exchanger on an ambient loop system. Each heat exchanger required a flow rate of 360m3/hr, with a back pressure of 200kPa [20.4mH2o]. Each pump, positioned next to a WWT outfall chamber [clean treated effluent], needed to overcome a suction lift of -3.5m static head. With Health and Safety and ease of maintenance in mind, the customer wanted the pumps to be positioned ‘high and dry’.


It was agreed to install 3No. 10” Gorman-Rupp Super T Series pumps fitted with 45kW motors. The pumps, despite being able to handle 3” spherical solids, operate at an impressive 79% efficiency which was critical to the success of this project. Due to their self-priming capabilities, the pumps can also be installed high and dry above the fluid level while automatically removing air from the suction lines and filling it with liquid without manual priming. These pumps are designed to prime themselves quickly and efficiently.

FES Group chose the leading pump range in Gorman Rupp’s catalogue in the T Series. Their robust construction and reliable operation make them the first choice for many of our customers. In terms of performance, these pumps can achieve a suction lift of up to 7.5m, and their near-universal compatibility means they can be used in a myriad of applications. From pumping raw sewage and humus sludge to food processing and industrial recycling, the Gorman-Rupp T Series is the go-to for most industrial pumping solutions.

What’s more, when it came to installation, the simplicity of the T Series design made it a quick and painless process. To date, all 3No. pumps are running trouble free, ensuring low carbon heating will be supplied for many years to come.

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We supply an assortment of high-quality Gorman-Rupp pumps that can handle the effluent from washdown/production drainage areas and feed dewater screens as a primary stage of effluent treatment. It’s designed from the ground up to be as easy as possible, from the removable rotating assembly that can be taken out and switched without disturbing the pipework, to the easy-work cover plate that is removed by simply undoing two handles to access the pump’s internals without a fuss.

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