Hydro-Transportation Pumps: Keeping Food Moving Efficiently

Hydro-transportation pump used in food processing

Pumps are an essential component of food processing industries, as they play a critical role in transferring various food products from one stage of production to the next. However, new innovations are creating a fork in the road for plants - should you stick with the traditional methods or stand out with a bold new direction?

Hydro transportation pumps are a game-changer when it comes to efficiently moving food through the production process. These remarkable pumps harness the power of water to propel food items with newfound care for the product, ensuring a seamless and hygienic journey from raw material to finished product.

In this blog, we will explore the reasons why hydro transportation pumps have become the preferred choice for the food industry. From their innovative design to their unmatched efficiency, you’ll realise why they are an indispensable asset for any food processing facility.

The Challenges of Food Transportation

Food pumps have to overcome several hurdles to transport food to and from different sections of a food production plant. They are responsible for being the connection between so many different types of settings: conveying vegetables and fruit such as whole potatoes, peas, apples, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and chip production. Many of these foods are delicate, and most types of pumps don’t handle products in a way that maintains the food’s integrity. Finding a combination of efficiency and care is difficult.

Plus, as energy prices continue to rise, food processing systems also need to be economical to conserve energy bills as much as possible. Implementing energy-efficient food-grade pumps results in significant savings in the long-term, so it pays to choose for quality in your food pump.

How Cornell Hydro Transportation Pumps Make Food Pumping Effective

US manufacturer Cornell's Hydro Transportation pumps are making food transportation more efficient, safer, and more capable of handling even the most delicate food items. The Hydro Transportation pump boasts an oil-lubricated bearing frame as a standard feature which ensures the consistent cooling and lubrication of the bearings. Your pump will not only have a longer lifespan as a result but also have a superior performance that more steadily maintains its temperature.

These pumps are equipped with 125 lb-rated flanges, allowing the easy connection of suction and discharge piping and simplifying the assembly and disassembly process. Stainless steel sleeves come standard on these pumps, too, protecting the shaft from both abrasion and corrosion and increasing the pump's resilience.

Cornell’s pumps are a vessel for innovation, and their single port impeller is no different. With a large, rounded leading-edge vane, the unique offset volute of this configuration enables the pump to transport even the most delicate food items without causing any damage.

For handling food, this design means the ability for food to pass through the pump and exit through the centre of the discharge nozzle with minimal contact with any pump surface. Delicate foods will not be affected by the vibrations of the pump, reducing product damage and abrasion.

Cornell's Hydro Transportation pumps handle food products more gently than traditional conveyor systems; as products pass through the pump, the water provides a cushion that protects them from damage. This method keeps the products fresh and cool during transportation, therefore food grade products suffer far less damage compared to traditional methods, enhancing the overall quality of food production and delivery.

Why Cornell is the Premier Manufacturer of Food Processing Pumps

Cornell should be your primary choice for food processing pumps because of the stellar reputation they have established since Hydro Transportation pumps became common almost 40 years ago. They introduced the very first Hydro Transportation food process pump to the industry, and many of their innovations have become standard in the industry. However, they are still refining and developing their craft to keep far ahead of the competition and provide optimal solutions for their customers.

Their reliability is folklore at this point, as many Cornell pumps that were sold in the 1950s are still working alongside modern systems reliably today. They’ve become so revered that the very biggest in the industry choose Cornell; both Frito-Lay and McDonald’s in the US rely totally on Cornell’s pumps for their food pumping. In addition to their Hydro Transportation pumps, they also make pumps to handle a variety of substances in the food industry, including wastewater, hot oil, and clear liquids.

Choose Hydromarque for your Food Processing Pump Needs

Hydromarque is the UK’s leading supplier of Cornell Hydro Transportation pumps, and our installation, repair and maintenance services are what make us so lauded by our customers. With Hydromarque’s installation process, our team of experienced engineers and technicians will work with you to design and install a tailored food processing pump system that extracts maximum efficiency and cuts down on expenses to find a balanced solution for your situation. Explore our Hydro Transportation pump page to learn more about our products and services, or contact us to find out what the UK’s best pumping solutions team can do for you.

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