Gorman Rupp Launch High-Efficiency Super T Series Range

The American Company Evolves Pump Technology for Optimal Performance and Energy Savings

In today's world, the environmental impact of any piece of equipment is an important aspect to consider. Saving energy preserves our natural resources as well as reduces operational costs, but it requires more efficient equipment such as pumps.

Ohio-based Gorman-Rupp has designed a new line of high-efficiency, limited solids-handling Super T Series® pumps that have boosted efficiency to a significant degree. The update includes a new impeller and wear plate that increases efficiency by as much as 19% and its shutoff head increased by 37% more than the previous standard models.

Available in standard materials of construction or fitted in Gorman-Rupp Hard Iron for more abrasive environments, the Super T Series continues to comprise of 2”, 3”, and 4” pumps so an upgrade is a simple procedure.

The 2” Super T Series pumps will pass through a 0.75” spherical solid and the 3” and 4” Super T Series pumps will pass 1.50” spherical solids. The maximum operating speeds have increased, expanding the overall hydraulic envelope for all three sizes. In response, Gorman-Rupp has developed a new line of High-Efficiency Super-T Series pumps to answer these increased demands.

In addition, the “D” hydraulic includes a slimmer, tapered 2-vane impeller with a smooth, tapered wear plate for improved performance. The “E” hydraulic is used for Eradicator Solids Management Systems to help clear away stringy material, rags, or wipes. “D” and “E” hydraulics are available for purchase from Hydromarque in all sizes.

Slim Line Impeller


The new High-Efficiency Super-T Series pumps can be applied on any waste-water application where large solids handling is not required. Handling long fibres and stringing materials can be done employing the Eradicator® "E" Series version. Think of the many pump applications in Waste Water Treatment plants after the initial screening or many industrial wastewater applications these pumps could provide betterment for. With these pumps running nearly full-time, a 14% to 19% improved efficiency will result in a significant reduction in power consumption.

The new line of high-efficiency pumps from Gorman-Rupp represents a promising development in the industry's efforts to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact. By upgrading to these new pumps, industries can not only save on operational costs but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

Super t series

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If you want to buy one of the new pumps in the Gorman-Rupp High-Efficiency Super T Series, Hydromarque is known far and wide across the UK for its commitment to quality service and high-quality selection of industrial pumps. Our expert team’s unparalleled knowledge makes our customers confident that they are getting the very best solution.

We supply an assortment of high-quality Gorman-Rupp pumps that can handle the effluent from washdown/production drainage areas and feed dewater screens as a primary stage of effluent and wastewater treatment. Its removable rotating assembly can be taken out and switched without disturbing the pipework, to the easy-work cover plate that is removed by simply undoing two handles to access the pump’s internals without a fuss. If you need assistance with this step in the installation process, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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