Gorman-Rupp T3 Pump Stands the Test of Time

Gorman Rupp T3 standing the test of time

Hydromarque inspects a Gorman-Rupp Pump that had stood firm for 17 years.

Gorman-Rupp is one of the few pump companies that can claim their products last for decades and have evidence to back them up.

This little beauty has just had its 17th birthday and to celebrate, we’ve given it its first service. This particular Gorman-Rupp T3 was installed in 2002 as the final part of a small sewage treatment system.

After removing the insulation jacket and brushing off the cobwebs and various critters, our engineers suspected the mechanical seal and bearings may need changing because the bearing oil sight glass seemed cloudy. On this edition of the classic Gorman-Rupp T3 pump, there is one common sight glass for both the seal and bearing oil, which is now superseded by the newer improved Super T Series™ range that has a separate sight glass for both the oil chamber for the mechanical seal and bearings. We drained off the seal oil and there were no issues apart from one small one - the sight glass had become discoloured, but we think this is excellent considering it has been in operation for 17 years!

In terms of replacements, this T3 was still going strong. The tungsten titanium carbide seal did not need replacing, and the casing and impeller were in excellent condition. The wear plate showed minor wear and was replaced by our engineers in a matter of minutes. The bearing housing oil and casing O rings were also replaced.

Less than one hour later after pitching up on site, our engineers had changed the seal oil and bearing housing oil, and replaced O rings, wear plate and sight glass with no lifting equipment required. They then took pressure gauge readings to prove this 17-year-old pump, after a minor overhaul, was still performing as almost new.

Happy birthday to this Gorman-Rupp T3, and hopefully we will see you in another 17 years! 😊

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As you can see, with Hydromarque, you get the highest-quality industrial pump solutions available in the UK. We supply long-lasting and resilient pumps for food production, wastewater management, industrial processing and more courtesy of Gorman-Rupp’s world-class range. What’s more, our expert installation and maintenance team makes our customers confident that they are getting the very best solution.

The modular and surface-level design of Gorman-Rupp pumps makes them effortless to manage and repair, as the removable rotating assembly can be taken out and switched without disturbing the pipework. Additionally, the easy-work cover plate is removed by simply undoing two handles to access the pump’s internals without a fuss.

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