Ready meals production plant - Boston, Lincs

Cucina Sano food production waste

Installing a brand new wastewater pump system for a new food production plant

When OEM contractor Aquabio Ltd was tasked to build a new wastewater treatment and reuse plant at Bakkavor in Boston, Lincolnshire, they came to Hydromarque for the right pump systems for the job. Bakkavor’s site, the home of Cucina Sano, produces Italian ready meals for Marks & Spencer and their new plant allows them to reuse 80% of the water used for production.

Option Discussions

Hydromarque were asked by Bakkavor to quote for 3 No. Gorman-Rupp Super T Series™ self-priming, suction lift, solids handling pumps, on a duty/assist/standby basis. This eliminated the need for pumps to be installed underground with lifting gear requirements and the possible need for confined space entry, saving time, money and resources. Additionally, it impacted after-installation care, as the pumps can be worked on locally and at the surface which significantly increases the ease of pump maintenance. Aquabio had used these pumps at many sites in the past with great success, so what little convincing was usually required was not needed.


It was agreed to install 3No. 3” Gorman-Rupp Super T Series pumps fitted with 316 SST wetted parts, including an impeller, shaft, wear-plate and seal plate. These parts were were fully commissioned by Aquabio and Hydromarque.

Aquabio were choosing the leading pump range in Gorman Rupp’s catalogue in the T Series. Their robust construction and reliable operation make them the first choice for many of our customers. In terms of performance, these pumps can achieve a suction lift of up to 7.5m, and their near-universal compatibility means they can be used in myriad applications. From sucking up raw sewage and humus sludge to food processing and industrial recycling, the Gorman-Rupp T Series is the go-to for most industrial pumping solutions.

What’s more, when it came to installation, the simplicity of the T Series design made it a quick and painless process. To date, all 3No. pumps are still in and running trouble-free.

Choose Hydromarque For Your Ready Meal Production Needs

Hydromarque is one of the UK’s most trusted pumping solutions suppliers, and our unparalleled expert knowledge makes our customers confident that they are getting the very best solution.

We supply an assortment of high-quality Gorman-Rupp pumps that can handle the effluent from washdown/production drainage areas and feed dewater screens as a primary stage of effluent treatment. It’s designed from the ground up to be as easy as possible, from the removable rotating assembly that can be taken out and switched without disturbing the pipework, to the easy-work cover plate that is removed by simply undoing two handles to access the pump’s internals without a fuss.

For fast UK delivery coupled with expert setup, contact Hydromarque today and solve all your pumping needs in one move.

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