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How Hydromarque tackled recurring pump issues with brand-new submersible pumps

Hydromarque were contacted by a snack food producer on Teesside with an effluent plant, which originally had 5No. 37kW submersible pumps. They were located in an existing sump feeding a screen installed when the plant was built, and the effluent plant was constantly having to remove the submersible pumps for repair or overhaul every 6 months on average. Understandably, they wanted to rid themselves of this recurring issue with a clean slate of submersible pumps.

Option Discussions

Hydromarque Ltd was asked to attend the site to get a first-hand look at the issue and see how their existing pumps were impacting their site. It was clear that the snack food production plant needed replacement pumps that would withstand greater thresholds and could be repaired with greater ease.

From it, we suggested an alternative option of using the Gorman-Rupp Super T Series™ pump as a permanent replacement for the submersible pumps. The Super T Series range of pumps are self-priming, suction-lift and solids-handling, and could be worked on locally and at the surface. This meant that maintenance would be made vastly easier, as it did not have to involve going underground or to a location far away from the site. Plus, the installation was made simpler as they eliminated the need for pumps to be installed underground with lifting gear requirements and the possible need for confined space entry.


Hydromarque and the snack food production plant agreed to install 1No. 37kW 10” Gorman-Rupp Super T Series pump on a trial basis by connecting the suction pipe to the 1st submersible pump and the discharge of the Gorman-Rupp pump to the outlet connection of the 2nd submersible pump. Switching the pumps involved overhead lifting equipment and the costly hire of a temporary diesel-driven pump each time one was removed to keep the system running.

The initial trial was a success and a further Gorman-Rupp Super T10 was installed in the position of submersible pump 4, discharging through the outlet of submersible pump 5. This resulted in 5No. 37kW pumps being replaced with 2No. 37kW pumps with increased flow capacity. To date, both pumps are still in and running trouble-free, with the end result reducing energy and running costs dramatically.

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