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T3 stands the test of time

This little beauty had its first service to celebrate its 17th Birthday. The Gorman-Rupp T3 was installed in 2002 as the final part of small sewage treatment system.

After removing the insulation jacket and brushing off the cobwebs and various critters, our engineers suspected the mechanical seal and bearings may need changing because the bearing oil sight glass seemed cloudy. On this Classic Gorman-Rupp T3 there is one common sight glass for both seal and bearing oil, which is now superseded by the newer improved Super T Series™ range that has a separate sight glass for both the oil chamber for the mechanical seal and bearings. They drained off the seal oil and it was fine (it was just the sight glass which had discoloured, but that’s not bad after 17 years !!). The tungsten titanium carbide seal did not need replacing despite 17 years of operation. The casing and impeller were in excellent condition. The wear plate showed some wear so our engineers replaced that easily in a few minutes. Bearing housing oil and casing O rings were also replaced.

Less than 1 hour later after pitching up on site and safely (with no lifting equipment required), our engineers had changed seal oil and bearing housing oil, replaced O rings, wear plate and sight glass. They then took pressure gauge readings to prove this 17-year-old pump after a minor overhaul, was still performing as almost new.

Happy Birthday Gorman-Rupp T3, hopefully we will see you in another 17 years 😊

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