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ERIKS and Gorman-Rupp Improve Plant Reliability


ERIKS were approached by Calor Gas, our sister company with an issue on-site. The effluent pit had been fitted with two problematic and unreliable submersible pumps. The unit worked on a ‘one working and one assisting' basis causing significant problems with potential back up of effluent.

To make matter worse, the installation led to numerous health and safety issues such as working at height and within confined spaces. The downtime periods were costing Calor Gas significantly and a solution was required urgently from ERIKS.


After an in-depth inspection, ERIKS consulted with their partner supplier Gorman-Rupp. After a detailed discussion it was decided a Super T Series Self-Priming Pump complete with a new control panel would prove to be the best solution. The durable material provides superior performance, with a design which allows automatic re-priming in a completely open system, and extends pump life six fold.

Other Benefits

  • Maximum temperature of 71°C
  • Flow up to 750m³/hr - up to 3 bar
  • Suction lift up to 7.3 meters
  • Drain and air bleed valves

Further Comments

Calor Gas were extremely pleased with the outcome and improved plant reliability.

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